Airbag Disposal - Safe Deployment

APV Test Centre is playing a vital role in the campaign to recall and dispose of the faulty Takata airbags, deploying and recycling more than 10,000 airbags a month on behalf of various car companies.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission shows that 4 million airbags will need to be recalled and recorded, APV's staff maintain a diligent traceability program to ensure that all airbags are accounted for, referencing to individual vehicle VIN numbers.

APV provides disposal facilities for all airbags including curtain, driver, passenger, and side airbags removed from vehicles, individual inflators from the airbag assemblies and other pyro-electronic.

APV-T - Airbag Disposal - Safe Deployment

APV's expertise in the safe handling and deployment of airbags has paved the way for a world class recycling program, which has seen nearly 99% of the raw materials from each airbag saved from landfills.  In 2018, APV-T deployed 30,000 airbags, recycled 30 tonnes of steel, 160 cubic meters of cardboard and 50 cubic meters of plastic.

APV-T - Airbag Disposal - Safe Deployment

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