Seatbelt & Safety Harness Testing

The APV Test Centre has extensive experience in seatbelt testing and is the only NATA accredited lab in Australia for Seat Belt component and assembly testing.

Historically, the APV Test Centre supported automotive seatbelt development and manufacturing and as such is Australia's leading seatbelt test laboratory. The APV Test Centre is equipped for testing seatbelts to ADR, AS/NZ, ECE and FMVSS requirements.  We are an FIA Accredited testing house to homologate Safety Harnesses to FIA standard 8853-2016 and Competition Seats to FIA standard 8855-1999.

The APV Test Centre also provides testing for a wide range of restraint, harness and strap applications including: forklift restraints, towing and lifting straps, wheelchair tie downs, child restraint components, racing harnesses, industrial safety harnesses, restraints for amusement park rides, and restraints for marine, bus, truck, train and military vehicles.


  • Seatbelt system & component tensile testing
  • Retractor g-lock and tilt-lock verification testing
  • Environmental testing (corrosion, dust ingress, temperature)
  • Seatbelt system & component durability testing
  • Buckle durability testing
  • Dynamic sled testing
  • Pyrotechnic pre-tensioner testing
Seatbelt and Safety Harness Testing

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