Data Acquisition & Instrumentation

Data Acquisition

At the APV Test Centre we use DTS TDAS PRO SIM Sensor Input Standalone Data Recorder to record data.  DTS products are durable, reliable and crashworthy tested to 100g.  The TDAS PRO SIM can sample up to a maximum rate of 25kHz.

At our facility, we also use DTS TDAS PRO Timed Output Module (TOM) which generates precise, high-energy firing signals for a wide variety of squibs used in air bag and pretensioner testing.

Our data recording equipment meets NHTSA, FAA, ISO 6487 and SAE J211 data acquisition practices and are calibrated by DTS annually to keep in line with strict NATA accreditation requirements.

Our equipment can be used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Aerospace Analysis
  • Automotive Safety
  • Biomechanics
  • Blast Testing
  • Helicopter and Aircraft
  • Impact Testing
  • Injury Investigation
  • Parachute Deployment
  • Sound Measurement
  • Sports and Safety Equipment
  • Vibration Testing
Data Acquisition and Instrumentation


We have a wide array of instrumentation to support you with your testing needs.
Our instrumentation includes:

  • Accelerometers (g Measurements)
  • Load Cells (Force and Moments Measurements)
  • String Pots (Displacement Measurements)

Please contact us with enquiries about our instrumentation and implementation for your specific testing needs.

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