Vibration Testing

Test your product to its limits with the mechanical testing capabilities at the APV Test Centre.

Vibration testing is a common process in development, validation, and analysis. This process allows the user to subject the part a constant oscillation or shock loading scenarios to:

  • determine the effects of destructive modal frequencies
  • artificially induce expected fatigue life
  • understand the effects of severe sharp loading

APV Test Centre can perform vibration testing on many part varieties to a number of standards, along with user defined testing profiles.  We have a range of mechanical test equipment and expertise to meet Australian industry requirements, and for specific product testing requirements specialist fixtures and equipment can be engineered by our on-site fabrication facilities.

TIRA Shaker - TIRA TV59320LS-340

  • Vibration profiles: Sinusoidal, random and shock
  • Rated Peak Force (Sine/Random/Shock):  20,000/18,000/60,000 N
  • Max Acceleration Rate (Sine/Random/Shock):  82/65/163 G
  • Frequency Range: 5 Hz 3,000 Hz
  • Load capacity: 410kg @ 4.5G
  • Can be used in conjunction with temperature and humidity exposure (-35ºC to +180ºC)

Test Limits

Vibration Testing

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