Full Vehicle Crash Testing

The APV Test Centre offers a comprehensive NATA accredited vehicle crash testing service with frontal, side, pole side, pole oblique, and angle barrier impact capabilities.

Established in 1995, the APV Test Centre is a full-scale vehicle crash test laboratory servicing a range of customers, including local and international car OEMs, government legislators, insurance providers, universities, and consumer rating bodies.

The Test Centre is NATA accredited to perform ADR, ECE, FMVSS, JIT, and ISO compliance testing and is registered with the Department of Transport (DOTARS TFI #: T2741). Since 2005, the Test Centre has performed side, pole, off-set frontal and full-width frontal impact testing for the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

We are equipped with an extensive range of the latest ATD (Anthropometric Test Device) Dummies, state-of-the-art instrumentation, advanced data acquisition capabilities and high-speed video equipment, along with secure vehicle preparation and post-test analysis workshops.


  • NATA accreditation for all vehicle crash testing
  • 70m Indoor test track with test velocities up to 80kph
  • Test object mass up to 4,000kg
  • Frontal, Offset, Pole, Under-Ride & 30º Impact Fixtures
  • ECE95 and FMVSS214 side impact trolleys
  • Temperature controlled, secure preparation areas
  • 240 channels of on-board data acquisition capacity
  • High G, high speed digital video cameras
  • Frontal impact, side impact & child dummies
  • On-site dummy calibration
  • Portable 3D coordinate measurement machines (CMMs)
  • Advanced data processing and analysis software
  • Digital film analysis and target tracking tools
  • Supported by highly qualified Engineers and Technicians
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