APV FutureEdge’s mission is to place in the hands of the Australian Defence industry a multi-domain, advanced Research, Simulation, Virtual and Physical T&E capability. Our objective is to support Australian companies in their quest to achieve both local and international inclusion within current and future military programs and platforms.

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The Future of T&E

Defence’s vision for T&E is that it will support risk-based capability decisions and be underpinned by a strong sovereign base. Defence industry, Primes, SME’s and research organisations also require access to Research and T&E to bring vision into reality and support program risk mitigation.

Current Challenges

There are significant T&E capability gaps in Australia, which lead to inefficiencies and increased technical risk in Defence’s strategic acquisition programs. Developing the expertise to bridge these gaps, adopt emerging T&E methods, and bring together the required capability is a significant area of opportunity for Defence.

Supporting Defence’s T&E Vision

The APV-led FutureEdge Alliance provides a multi-domain T&E capability that is supported by advisory services, undertakes research, identifies T&E requirements and capability gaps, undertakes test planning and execution. The consortium of T&E providers operates within a collaborative model — providing depth of technical expertise and breadth of capability.

The proposed organisation led by APV will bring together a consortium of OEM-agnostic T&E providers to service the Commonwealth’s requirements across the Capability Life Cycle.

The proposed Consortium provides the Defence Industry with the following benefits:

Strength through collaboration

APV has formed a consortium — APV FutureEdge Alliance — to be a Strategic Industry Partner for Sovereign T&E. FutureEdge comprises four T&E providers each with complimentary capabilities to achieve a multi-domain T&E advisory, advanced Research, Simulation / Virtual and Physical T&E capability, to support the immediate and future needs of Defence’s strategic T&E requirements for the many acquisition programs in Defence

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