Test Track | APV-T

Comprehensive NATA accredited vehicle crash testing service with frontal, side, pole side, pole oblique, and angle barrier impact capabilities.

Dynamic Sleds | APV-T

Rage of NATA accredited dynamic sled testing capabilities with specialised hardware and software to simulate a wide array of dynamic load conditions.

Vibration Equipment | APV-T

Mechanical test equipment and expertise to meet Australian industry requirements.  Specialist fixtures and equipment can be engineered for specific product requirements.

Environmental Equipment | APV-T

Accelerated life testing to enable faults and potential modes of failure to be discovered for predicting service life and maintenance intervals for a product.

Data Acquisition & Instrumentation | APV-T

Data recording equipment meeting NHTSA, FFA, ISO 6486 and SAE J211 data acquisition practices, calibrated by DTS annually to keep in line with strict NATA accreditiaion requirements.

ATD Dummies | APV-T

Wide range of anthropomorphic test device (ATD) dummies to meet the requirements of many different specification or standards offering testing both in house and rental for external use.

High-Speed Cameras | APV-T

Australia's largest and best equipped high speed camera laboratory providing an array of Phantom high speed cameras to record up to 100,000 frames per second.

Filming Location | APV-T

3,000m2 space with 7m high ceiling, including kitchenette, meeting rooms, and client viewing room.  The location has ample parklng and outdoor space for filming or set construction.

3D Scanners | APV-T

Scanning test samples, from thumb-nail sized engineering samples up to full-sized passenger vehicles, before and after physical testing to provide significant dimensional data.

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