High-Speed Camera Services

Australia’s largest and best equipped high-speed camera laboratory.

The APV Test Centre provides industry with ultra high-speed imaging services.  Footage that is captured at high-speed is also referred to as slow-motion or slo-mo, as this is the visual result when played back at standard video frame rates.  We have multiple high-speed cameras for hire, including an array of Phantom high-speed cameras which can record up to 100,000 frames per second.  Qualified scientific photographers operate and maintain the cameras to ensure optimal imaging with multiple simultaneous camera triggering.

High-Speed Camera Services

Popular applications include:

  • Machine motion dynamics
  • Multiple simultaneous camera triggering
  • Extreme high-speed event capture, exceeding 100,000 fps
  • High G (dynamic impact) 
  • Ballistics  
  • Target tracking & film analysis

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