High-Speed Camera Services

Australia’s largest and best equipped high-speed camera laboratory.

The APV Test Centre provides industry with ultra high-speed imaging services.  We have multiple high-speed cameras for hire, including an array of Phantom high-speed cameras which can record in excess of 100,000 frames per second at various resolutions.  Qualified scientific photographers operate and maintain the cameras to ensure optimal imaging with multiple simultaneous camera triggering.  Footage that is captured at high-speed is also referred to as slow-motion or slo-mo, as this is the visual result when played back at standard video frame rates. 

Popular applications include:

  • Multiple simultaneous camera triggering
  • Extreme high-speed event capture, exceeding 100,000 fps
  • High G (dynamic impact) 
  • Target tracking & film analysis
  • Ballistics  
  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
  • Machine motion dynamics
  • Frame Synchronisation

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