Offsite / Field Testing

The APV Test Centre’s rugged High-Speed and High-G equipment is available for offsite testing.

Our test dummy, data acquisition, and camera equipment are ideal for remote offsite testing covering a multitude of applications.  Staff and equipment have been deployed on a number of projects in remote testing locations.

Instrumentation, dummies, and cameras can be set up in a green field environment to run tests in a number of hours (with reliable T-Zero triggering of all data acquisition equipment and cameras).

Applications range from automotive ride and handling studies, to data collection and filming of defence agency's ground-to-air rocket launches.

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  • Data Loggers with up to 240 channel capacity
  • Up to 25kHz sampling rates
  • Impact Resistant Loggers to 200G
  • Accelerometers to 2000G
  • String Pot Displacement Transducers
  • Strain Gauging
  • Structural Accelerometers to 2000G
  • Load Cells to 22kN
  • High-Speed Photography with High-G Cameras to 100,000 frames per second
  • Fully instrumented Anthropometric Test Dummies for side, frontal, and vertical impacts
  • State of the art software for data collection and analysis
  • Highly qualified and experienced technician support
  • NATA level reporting

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