Military & Defence Testing

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The APV Test Centre is a DISP certified company offering comprehensive testing to MIL & DEF standards. Previous projects have included cargo-retention, high-speed filming of ballistic tests, & troop carrier restraint testing. FMVSS, ADR, and EC standards are also supported where required.

APV Test Centre supports Australia's defence sector in a range of different applications including:

  • Mine blast testing
  • Cargo and munitions retention testing
  • Seat and safety harness testing
  • Ballistics testing
  • Dynamic Loading
  • Electronics survivability
  • Environmental testing
  • Impact / Shock testing
  • Drop Testing

Mineblast & Ballistics Testing

APV Test Centre's rugged, advanced data acquisition and instrumentation hardware, coupled with fully instrumented anthropometric test dummies and ultra high-speed film capabilities make a perfect solution for mine blast and ballistic research and development support.  Supersonic events can be clearly imaged using our cameras, which are capable of several hundred-thousand frames per second and exposure durations as short as 142 nano-seconds.  All of our equipment, including highly-trained Test Engineers, can be deployed in the field at any time to undertake this type of testing.

Confidentiality & Security

APV Test Centre's ethos of integrity and confidentiality is inherent in every facet of our work.  Our Engineers and Photographers are at ease with any security clearance or screening required before they are deployed for military field project work.

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