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Defence Connect - Land Forces 2022 APVFutureEdge News Melbourne-based APV Corporation has announced that they expect to launch the new APV FutureEdge consortium at the upcoming Land Forces expo, offering multi-domain defence research test and evaluation capabilities. APV FutureEdge is a consortium that brings together research and test and evaluation (T&E) capabilities to support future defence programs, ...
29 September 2022
APV Corporation Celebrates Successful Next-Gen Ford Ranger Multi-Year Australian Test Program
25th August 2022, Melbourne – APV Corporation’s (APV) vision is to partner with Australia’s Automotive and Transport Industry in support of their research, virtual and physical testing, evaluation and certification requirements. The company achieves this by collaborating with their engineering and development teams with access to world-class test and evaluation services and facilities.  This is exemplified by APV’s latest test program for Ford Australia, marking ...
13 September 2022
APV expanding its Test and Evaluation capability in support of Australia’s Defence and Transport seating manufactures
APV’s vision is to support Australia’s Automotive and Transport Industry manufacturers in their Research, Test and Evaluation requirements for Defence.  Harry Hickling, Managing Director of APV Corporation, states that “with our recent $3million investment into Test and Evaluation capabilities we are excited to see our latest offering in Seat, Restraints and Anchorage system testing coming on stream to support the Australian Transport industry and in preparation for ...
30 March 2022
Defence Connect interview of APV for their 2021 Special Edition
The Defence Connect 2021 Special Edition features an interview with me that discusses APV's Defence Sovereign Industry Capability and what sets us apart within the Market.  This was released for the June 2021 Land Forces Exhibition in Queensland. The Question-and-Answer interview provides great insight into our Defence capabilities and the strength of APV in collaborating with Defence Industry to support their product development with Australia's most advanced Test, Evaluation a...
6 October 2021
APV Expands Testing Capability and Cyber Security
We are pleased to announce APV's strategic investment in expanding our Industrial Testing capabilities within the Test Centre and our corporate wide Cyber Security program. This investment will provide enhanced capabilities to support our customers across all industries and demonstrates the importance we are placing on our response to the evolving Cyber Security landscape within the Global Supply Chain.
The investment increases the capacity of our existing testing services for our cu...
12 February 2021

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